Spot Cleaning &

Stain Removal

We have a huge amount of experience in working with what are essentially hazardous cleans having worked with some of the most vulnerable people in our communities for the local councils (Borough and County), therefore nothing shocks us and we can guarantee discretion and absolute understanding while we clean.

We can deep clean and treat areas of blood loss, vomit, urine & faeces on your carpets or upholstery - and we don't charge a premium to do this.

We can also treat:

  • paint spillage and spatter,

  • slime incidents 

  • nail varnish spills

  • wine spills

  • chewing gum

  • coffee spills

We cannot guarantee total removal of stains, however we will do whatever we can to remove stains.


For blood (never use hot water on blood stains, this will "set" the stain.), urine, faeces and vomit it is best to remove what you can and blot the area with absorbent paper towels as quickly as you can prior to calling us out.  Please bear in mind though, if the area has already been treated with products at home you are less likely to get a successful result and store bought products can interfere with our products so we will need to know what has already been used. With paint, nail varnish and slime - don't rub the spill as you will do more damage, blot excess liquid with absorbent paper towel.

We will need to know the details of the spot clean prior to booking but only so we know what chemicals to bring with us.

Carpet with blood splatter before being cleaned by Neeton Clean
Carpet cleaned of blood splatter by Neeton Clean

Before - blood spill

After - blood removed