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Meeting Your Needs

Rug Cleaning

We use the same 6 stages to clean your rug as we do to clean carpets. 


Upto 5ft x 3ft £25

Over 5ft x 3ft £35

Car & Van Interiors

We offer two levels of car/van interior cleans, from upholstery (seats, floors and boot space) to a full valet.


Full Upholstery clean (seats, floor & bootspace) £60 

Full Leather (seats, floor & bootspace) £80

Full interior valet (upholstery) £95

Full interior valet (leather) £125

Carpet Cleaning

Orwell Carpet Care uses 6 stages to clean your carpet:

  1. First we vacuum your carpet

  2. Next we spot spray any stains

  3. We then pre-spray with enzyme cleaner that breaks down dirt, food fats and grime,​

  4. We then mix the pre-spray cleaner into the carpet with a rotary brush machine

  5. Hot water is mixed with antibacterial & anti fungal deodoriser is sprayed into the fibres, all cleaning products and dirt is extracted with our extraction machines in one motion.

  6. Carpets are then speed dried using special fans.

First room £30

Each additional room £20

Hall, Stairs & Landing £35

Stairs only £25

See some of our previous cleans here

Upholstery Cleaning

We use the same 6 stage process to clean upholstery as we do to clean carpets.

We price upholstery cleaning per seat area, this includes arms, seat back and sides.

Per seat area £15

Velvet per seat area £25

Leather per seat area £20

Mattress Cleaning

Nothing nicer than a clean bed, even better when you're on a clean mattress. Over time your mattress sucks in sweat, dead skin cells and other nasties. Rather than buying a new mattress, get it professionally cleaned instead!

**Please bear in mind, with heavily soiled mattresses, if a stain has been in situ for any length of time it will have set in and potentially damaged the fibres, often irreparably as it will have in effect dyed the fibre. If there is heavy, set in stains we will clean your mattress, but please remember it won't look like new,  but it will be hygienically clean and the stains reduced.

Single from £30

Double from £40

King Size £50

Rug Cleaning
Car & Van Interiors

Leather Cleaning

Give your leather a treat! 

Clean and moisturise your leather sofas.

from £20 per seat area

Spot Cleaning

We have years of experience in cleaning blood, urine, vomit and faeces.

We can promise discretion and understanding during the clean.

For more information and prices please contact us - we don't charge a premium for hazardous cleans.

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