Window Cleaning

Pure Water Pole Fed Window Cleaning

Chose from 4, 6 or 8 weekly regular cleans or one off cleans.

We always clean the frames, sills, doors and of course the glass! You can chose to have just the front of your house cleaned, or we can do both front and back.

We use purified water using a sophisticated pole fed system which leaves your windows streak free. There are many benefits to the pole fed system over traditional method including (but not limited to):

  • we don't use ladders so your privacy is guaranteed

  • we are able to clean windows above a conservatory/garage

  • this method washes out and deep cleans frames

  • no soap/detergents are used making it kinder to the environment

We also clean:

  • Conservatory Roofs,

  • Gutters,

  • Fascia & Soffits/Cladding

Get in touch for more information or if you want to be added to one of our rounds.

Window Cleaning Neeton Clean Ipswich
Pole fed window cleaning using pure water Neeton Clean Ipswich